Get Blogging!

A reminder to all year 12 into year 13 students to access and start using your new A2 blogs – linked on the right of this page.

Try to post after every Media Studies lesson, saying what you did and how this has helped prepare you for your A2 practical project. We expect a minimum of one post per week – but those who post more often are more likely to attain a higher grade.

Your posts should cover the work you have done so far this term:

  • analysing and deconstructing film trailers;
  • understanding the conventions of various genres;
  • learning about the ‘language’ of camera shots and use of camera equipment such as tripods;
  • learning digital video editing techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • storyboarding your practice trailer
  • working in a group on location
  • editing and exporting your own footage

AS Media Studies Practical Task: Deadline!

Deadline for all work to be posted on blogs is Friday 13th February.

Blogs will be checked from Monday 16th.

Remember, if it’s not on the blog, it won’t be marked.

Top tips:

Print each page to check for clipping around the edges.

Export each page as a JPEG image at the maximum quality setting and 150dpi.

For the double page spread, change the Export setting from Pages to Spreads.

Make sure the full size images are posted on your blog and saved to the N: drive.

Complete the first two sections of the Print Task Checklist and save in the N: drive.


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