Marking and Assessment for Music Video

These slides explain how your main production (music video) work will be assessed. Remember that the evidence on your blogs will be used alongside the final video to assess the technical skills used. This means it is vital that you show and explain any techniques used in filming or editing.

If you are working with someone else, it’s also vital to define your individual contribution to the production. This should be a specific role (e.g. filming/editing) or responsibility for a specific segment of the production (e.g. from 00:40 to 2:20).

CD Cover Updates

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who has now posted their updated CD Cover images to their blogs. I’ve seen some clear improvements, and it’s encouraging to see you’ve taken on board the feedback you were given after your first attempt.

In order to give these pieces a final grade, I need to assess them as they would be seen in the real world, printed on paper. Print resolution is higher than screen resolution, so this will reveal any imperfections in the quality of your images.

Please can everyone ensure you have exported the final versions of both front cover and traycard (rear cover) to your N: drive in PDF format. I’d also recommend you save a copy of your InDesign/Photoshop versions there too. Please name and file these sensibly so they are easy for me to find in your N: drive folder.

If you need instructions to export from InDesign in PDF format, you can find them by clicking here.

Adobe Premiere Training

This is where you get to try out the editing software used to construct the movie Avatar, amongst others. We will be following video tutorials to help us get to grips with this powerful but complex software package in lessons next week. Please bring some headphones if you can. You can use the link in the bar on the right of this page (scroll down) to access the tutorial menu, or get straight to the ‘Getting Started’ series of videos by clicking here.

The video, image and audio source files you will need have already been downloaded and saved to the following location, which you can link to once you’ve started in Premiere:

N:\Adobe Tutorial Files\Premiere Pro Tutorial Files\

Have fun!

Music Video Scripting

To help you organise your music video ideas into a workflow that can be storyboarded and planned in more detail, please use one of these script templates. In the Excel version, you have to expand rows to create more space; whereas in the Word version, the rows will expand as you type. Try to use the shorthand for camera shots, SFX and titles where possible.

The more detail that goes into your planning now, the more satisfying your final product is likely to be.

SlideShare Log-in Issues

slideshareSome of you have reported problems logging in to SlideShare to upload new presentations so they can be embedded in your blogs. This appears to be a Google Chrome issue which can be worked around by using Internet Explorer to log in to SlideShare. If you’re having difficulties, please try using IE.



Welcome Year 12

A warm welcome to our new year 12 student bloggers, who have been critically deconstructing a wide selection of CD album covers. Links to the new blogs are on the right of this page.

To all you new bloggers: it’s nice to see you’ve discovered how to change the appearance of your blog. Take some time to give it a proper name, delete the ‘Hello World’ first post and personalise to your heart’s content.

We’ll be looking for regular postings from now on: once a week at least. See this as your Media Studies ‘diary’. Tell us what you’ve been doing in and outside of class as your project develops. Feel free to add photos, links, or other media. Get creative! Show us your work and tell us what you’ve learned.

Get Blogging!

A reminder to all year 12 into year 13 students to access and start using your new A2 blogs – linked on the right of this page.

Try to post after every Media Studies lesson, saying what you did and how this has helped prepare you for your A2 practical project. We expect a minimum of one post per week – but those who post more often are more likely to attain a higher grade.

Your posts should cover the work you have done so far this term:

  • analysing and deconstructing film trailers;
  • understanding the conventions of various genres;
  • learning about the ‘language’ of camera shots and use of camera equipment such as tripods;
  • learning digital video editing techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • storyboarding your practice trailer
  • working in a group on location
  • editing and exporting your own footage